We’re hiring top talent!

At vestr, you will work with an awesome group of engineers, financial experts, and thought leaders to drive technological change and make an impact in the finance sector from day one.

Ideal candidates are fast learners with broad interests, a positive attitude, and open to new challenges. A quantitative background is a must and we love seeing personal- or open-source tech projects to which you have made significant contributions.

Company Benefits

At vestr, we offer you the opportunity to show your entrepreneurial spirit: where all ideas are respected, innovation is rewarded, and ownership and accountability are embraced.

Tetermined Enthusiastic Team
Determined enthusiastic team
Flexible Working Hours
Flexible working hours
Startup Culture
Startup culture
Cutting Edge Technology Stack
Cutting edge technology stack
Dynamic Office Environment
Dynamic office environment
Exciting Team Events
Exciting team events



I was specifically looking for something in the financial space because I wanted to learn more about this big industry in Switzerland from the inside. The team, and especially the founding team with all their experience, was what made it a very easy decision to join.

Alexander, Back-End Software Engineer

I joined vestr for the highly driven and experienced founders. The potential is high, the vision is clear and the business cases are well defined. What I love most about vestr is the fast pace, the interesting technical problems, combined with a lively startup environment.

Aron, Senior Engineer & Product Owner


I find it very nice to work at vestr, because the working hours are super flexible (especially as a working mom this is a big plus). Besides that, I like the team very much! Last but not least: you really feel appreciated; your work is valued, and you feel like you are part of the team.

Monica, Executive Assistant


At vestr, we have an awesome team of professionals based in Switzerland and the Ukraine. The impact and efforts each individual does on the project are impactful and noticeable. This, in combination with the technical stack, challenging tasks, and professional growth are what I love about my job.

Eugene, Software Engineer

I was attracted to the financial expertise of vestr’s management team. My favorite parts about working here are the actually flexible working hours (with none of the usual startup overtime), and the efficient teams where adopting new roles and responsibilities is encouraged.

Niklas, Technical Lead


As a business student, working at vestr is great because it allows me to experience the latest technologies and agile methods firsthand. Secondly, the fun team dynamic and the feeling that each contribution you make really makes an impact on the bigger picture are what motivated me to continue working here after the end of my internship.

Matthias, Business Development & Marketing


vestr’s impressive tech stack and the team motivated me to join, but what convinced me to stay was definitely the teamwork attitude and culture we have here, combined with the changing market technology.

Anton, Software Engineer

I was intrigued by cool modern stuff like CQRS, Event Sourcing, and micro-services architecture. After working here for a while, I can say that vestr is a start-up with an international and multicultural team, where the company’s executives support creativity and enthusiasm.

Sergii, Back-End Software Engineer
two girls working

vestr coworkers feel like friends, not “human resources.” This creates a communication that is not based on exhaustive control, but on mutual trust and respect. You deliver because you don’t want to fail your team.

Consulting architect at vestr

The project is meaningful. It is really something that makes a difference to other people, unlike other things I did in the past, not understanding how exactly I’m helping other individuals. I love receiving feedback from clients that our tool is making a difference, that is very rewarding.

Max, Front-End Developer

I met the co-founders already back in 2017 and have witnessed their steady development from a 3 person team into a strong company ever since. So, joining them to drive the expansion in Asia was a fantastic chance to switch from observer to active contributor of t̶h̶e̶i̶r̶ our success.

Lisa, Business Manager Singapore

What appeals to me about vestr and my role in particular, is the opportunity to work closely together with a highly ambitious management team as well as a dedicated group of experienced experts. With vestr, I feel that I can help to actively and sustainably shape the future of a truly innovative and forward-thinking company in a vastly dynamic and international environment.

Pascal, VP Finance