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Issuers go digital with vestr

We offer an easy-to-integrate platform that digitizes the life-cycle management of your actively managed investment products. Our adaptive software engine handles everything from portfolio rebalancing to investor reporting and audit trails. So, you can focus on your core competencies.

Active Management is on the rise

Actively Managed Certificates (AMCs) are securitised portfolios that are dynamically adjusted at the discretion of an investment manager. They can be issued as on- or off-balance sheet certificates and are either privately placed or exchange-listed.

The global AMC market exceeds $1 trillion in assets under management. With the most significant growth happening in the last three years. Depending on the jurisdiction, these products are also referred to as Exchange Traded Notes (ETNs), Dynamic Equity Notes, Strategy Notes, Strategy Index Certificates, and Actively Managed Trackers.



The benefits of Actively Managed Certificates

Due to their fast time to market, flexibility, and lower costs, AMCs offer many benefits over comparable financial vehicles such as mutual funds.

This allows investment managers to turn their investment ideas into an exchange-listed product on the same day. Now, the vestr platform makes it even easier for issuers and investment managers. We digitize the full lifecycle management of your investment products.

vestr digitizes active investment management


How does it work?

Turning an idea into an investable product means hard work. Issuers must create the legal setup for the certificate. Simultaneously, investment managers need to continuously monitor and manage its compositions. On top of that, today’s investors expect periodic insights and transparent reports.

The vestr platform is the first end-to-end solution that facilitates these workflows. Investment managers can perform rebalancings and download reports directly on the platform. In the background, vestr’s APIs can easily be connected with the issuers’ downstream systems and brokers. The goal is to ensure a seamless experience and minimal efforts for everyone involved.

vestr digitizes active investment management

Challenge and Solution

Billions of dollars are still  managed on spreadsheets

Due to their dynamic nature and operational complexity, Actively Managed Certificates are often managed on spreadsheets. Lifecycle events are highly non-standardized and are typically handled manually. In other words, introducing operational risks and inefficiencies.

By transforming these processes from spreadsheets, emails, and phone calls into an intuitive state-of-the-art platform, vestr creates a bullet-proof and fully auditable workflow.


Challenge and Solution

Margins are getting squeezed

Increasing regulation, competition and new entrants are disrupting traditional value chains and revolutionising wealth managers business models. How can you remain competitive in today’s market?

Put a spotlight on your core competencies and remove technical hurdles. The vestr platform enables you to provide more value for your customers with less effort. How? By fully automating labor intensive processes and streamlining after-sales activities.


How we do it

Focus on selling your products while we handle everything else.

By partnering with vestr, you get a modular platform to automate your Actively Managed Certificate value chain. Our ‘pay as you earn’ pricing model allows you to go live fast and with fair upfront costs.

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Combining extensive industry experience with substantial quantitative backgrounds

With focus and dedication to Actively Managed Certificates, the vestr team has acquired deep knowledge in this field. From issuing AMCs to implementing quantitative models, our knowledge spans across the entire spectrum. Through continuous and active involvement, our technologies continue to shape the AMC community. At the same time, our solutions generalize the needs of many players.

The vestr team brings extensive experience in leading Fintech and technology companies. Our capabilities ensure that we create the leading software for AMC issuers.

Rico Blaser
Co-Founder & CEO

– Co-founder & CEO
– Former senior buy- and sell-side trader
– Expert in Actively Managed Certificates

Rico was in charge of a multi-billion proprietary trading book at a top US bank in London and New York. He also traded exotic derivatives for the same institution, sharing responsibility for a complex and highly profitable correlation book.

After returning to Switzerland, Rico joined a Swiss bank, where he advanced to become the deputy head of cross-asset structured products. During his tenure, Rico’s team managed a sizeable operation in Actively Managed Certificates with equities, bonds, funds, futures, and options underlyings.

Rico earned quantitative degrees from the University of California, Berkeley, and the University of Oxford in the UK and performed postgraduate research at the London School of Economics (LSE).

Dr. Tim Meyer
Co-Founder & CTO

– Co-founder & CTO
– Software Development & IT infrastructure
– Builder of complex financial platforms and models

After completing his Ph.D. in theoretical physics, Tim started his career within the financial services industry as a consultant for numerous large European banks.

Following his consulting career, Tim pursued two in-house positions at major banks: First, as a quantitative analyst in the structured products division of a top Swiss bank, where he was responsible for building a platform for issuing investment certificates. Later, Tim joined the asset management division of a well-known German bank, where he built credit risk and cash flow models for pricing complex loan portfolios and credit-linked notes.

His quantitative insights and product knowledge form the core of the vestr technology platform.

Stefan Wagner
VP Business Development

– Head of business development
– 25 years in the financial services industry
– Structured products expert
– Ex-Manager of global Delta One Products at a leading issuer

Stefan started his career as a derivatives structurer in 1994 and established the European exotic options trading desk of a leading global bank. He ran one of the most active and consistently profitable equity option trading teams globally. Later, Stefan ran the bank’s EMEA structured products business, where he developed a range of investment products and funds. Over $50 billion of these investments were successfully placed with high net worth and institutional clients.

Before joining vestr, Stefan established a successful fund, specializing in derivative and value investing arbitrage strategies, before managing the global Delta One business, including AMCs, at a top-rated Swiss issuer of structured products.


Pascal Matter
VP Finance

– VP Finance
– 10+ years of professional experience in the financial services industry
– Former M&A advisor

Pascal started his career in the M&A team of a Swiss insurance company. Significantly, he worked on exciting M&A projects and strategically important business development initiatives both in Switzerland and abroad.

Prior to joining vestr, Pascal gained further experience in the financial services industry. To clarify, while working as an M&A Manager at a Big 4 consulting firm, he provided comprehensive buy- and sell-side advisory services throughout the entire transaction lifecycle.

In addition, Pascal is a Certified International Investment Analyst / CIIA® and holds a master’s degree in Business Administration.

vestr_Lisa Schroeder
Lisa Schroeder
Business Management Singapore

– Director of Singapore Office
– SFA FinTech Leader Under 30
– Community builder and public speaker

Lisa has contributed to FinTech communities across different hubs in Europe and Asia. Explicitly, by organising large scale Hackathons in collaboration with banks and other financial institutions.

She has always fostered active engagement between start-ups, incumbents, investors, regulators, mentors and multipliers. Particularly, as a founding member of an impact consulting network in Helsinki, Finland, and an early employee of a Swiss FinTech Incubator and Accelerator in Zurich, Switzerland. 

Moreover, Lisa holds a master’s degree in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management from Aalto University (graduated with award-winning thesis).

Meet the team
Technology & Business

Since starting with three founders in 2017, our team has grown to more than 30 international contributors, including ex-Googlers, Avaloq veterans, Accenture and d-fine experts, and ETH alumni with Master’s degrees in Computer Science and Engineering.

Our awesome group of engineers, financial experts, and thought leaders is driving technological change and working on creating meaningful solutions for the financial sector.

Simon Hasenfratz
Co-Founder & COO

– Co-founder & COO
– Math Olympiad medalist
– Former cross-asset trader

Simon studied pure mathematics at King’s College and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology. Further, he earned a master’s degree with highest honours, graduating with a perfect GPA.

As a medalist at the Math Olympiad, Simon represented Switzerland in Greece and Mexico. After joining as a financial engineer at a leading Swiss bank, Simon gained exposure to the asset management, sales, and trading businesses. There, he worked as a senior derivatives trader before finally co-founding vestr.

Peter Cicman
VP Engineering

– VP of Engineering
– Broad technology expertise
– Motto: “getting the last 20% done.”

Peter looks back to twenty years of successful software delivery in the financial, insurance, and technology sectors.

Because of his roles as the Senior Principal Enterprise Architect at an established enterprise software consulting company, Peter knows what it takes to deliver high-quality. Notwithstanding, as the former Head of Web- and Mobile Engineering at a global Swiss bank, Peter delivers scalable software solutions under tight resource- and time constraints.

It is under Peter’s pragmatic and hands-on leadership that the vestr solution is gradually maturing into an industry standard.

Peter holds master’s degrees in Electronics and Telecommunications Technology, as well as Economics and Management.

Mischa Weise
VP Clients

– VP of Clients
– Former Management Consultant
– Broad Coaching and Training Experience

Mischa brings 15 years of management consulting expertise of working with Global 500 clients across multiple industries. For example, capital markets, banking and life science. In various managerial and leadership positions, he delivered successful customer outcomes for top tier banks.

Beyond leading global transformations through the full business life cycle, Mischa managed programmes/projects across locations and business divisions. Notably, he coached and managed multiple traditional and agile teams (SAFe, Kanban, Scrum).

In fact, Mischa is a certified SAFe Programme Consultant (SPC) and holds a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zurich).

Aron Hjartarson
Head of Product

– Head of Product
– Senior software engineer
– Has a knack for teamwork and getting things done

Aron has spent the last 7+ years in the Swiss IT scene. For instance, he worked with promising award-winning startups as well as leading companies in the financial services industry. Before joining vestr, he worked at Switzerland’s leading core banking solution provider.

He started his career in Iceland working as a researcher in plasma physics. Later, he got into software development, where he served as a full stack software engineer. His responsibilities for projects ranged from 3D reconstruction algorithms to mobile messaging clients and digital wealth management services. Aside from that, he has also served as a consultant and has a knack for coaching people and getting things done.

Aron leads our cross-functional product team as well as being a driving force in our day-to-day operations, growing the vestr solution while ultimately ensuring a solid delivery process for our clients.

He holds a master’s degree from ETH in electrical engineering and information technology.

Tom Laich
Team Lead Ukraine

Head of Ukraine Office
– Senior Software Engineer
– Front-End Expert

Tom has been working in the software industry for more than 8 years. Moreover, his experience includes leading development teams in Switzerland, Vietnam, and Eastern Europe. In his previous roles, he worked with large banking, insurance and public transportation clients.

As software development team lead, he designed and co-built a new cloud-based intranet platform at one of the biggest Swiss employers (>30’000 users).

Further, Tom studied at Télécom ParisTech and ETH Zurich, and holds a master’s degree from ETH (awarded with distinction) in Information Technology and Electrical Engineering as well as a CAS from ETH in Computer Science.



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