• The engine behind active management

    vestr offers an independent white-labeled B2B software that empowers issuers of actively managed certificates to scale their AMC business and focus on their core competencies.

  • What we offer

    vestr facilitates the creation and life-cycle management of Actively Managed Certificates, a flexible and cost-effective alternative to investment funds

    Rebalancing for Actively Managed Certificates

    For portfolio managers

    Setup and manage your products as you like...

    • Create an AMC from a universe of millions of global financial instruments
    • Rebalance your product through our digital interface whenever you want
    • Track your product's performance and generate customized reports
    Lifecycle Management for Actively Managed Certificates

    For issuing banks

    You provide the issuing infrastructure and we take care of the rest...

    • Automated life-cycle management, unlimited rebalancings
    • Compliance checks, pre-trade analysis and order execution
    • Perfect audit trail
  • How AMCs work


    Issuing bank

    The bank issues a certificate in the form of a structured product


    Investment manager

    The investment manager chooses the portfolio composition



    The investor buys the certificate and profits from the performance

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