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dashboard overview

Efficient portfolio management: from index strategies to crypto assets

Our dashboard provides both issuers and administrators as well as portfolio managers with comprehensive real-time overviews of their actively managed products. The cross-asset platform deals with both bankable and non-bankable assets.

Issuers and administrators manage all life-cycle events across clients, while portfolio managers have easy access to their products and accounts at any time. The platform can easily be customized and extended by adding custom views on the fly.

Reporting dashboard for issuers and asset managers by vestr
Portfolio rebalancing software by vestr

Rebalancing tool

Active investment management in real time

Our rebalancing tool empowers any type of active management. Actively manage your Actively Managed Certificates (AMCs), index-linked certificates, structured notes, managed accounts, total return swaps or funds at any time with a few clicks.

Users can import target portfolios, set up (re-) investment rules, and specify any type of absolute, relative, or index weight allocations. Unleash the power of your active investment management strategy with real-time execution.

Orders & execution

Sophisticated order management

Keep oversight of your investment products with real-time trade execution monitoring. Our platform allows you the flexibility to modify or cancel your orders at any point. It shows every partial execution and applied order commission, giving you complete control over the execution of your investment strategy.

Order execution management system by vestr
Customized client reporting for issuers by vestr

Customized reporting

User-based customization of reports

Users can generate and store completely customized report templates, share them across organizations, and subscribe to them based on their templates as well as their preferred languages and frequency.

Any detail can be freely configured, ranging from logos to chart colors, displayed figures, cards, columns, and much more. Users can even define their own custom data fields and use them in their reports.

investment rules

Automated compliance checks

vestr’s sophisticated investment rules framework supports its users through pre- and post-trade checks. Both active and passive breaches are constantly monitored and trigger instant notifications.

Issuers and administrators can set investment rules per product by defining constraints on countries, sectors, asset classes, or liquidity. Such constraints can be set up as "allow lists", or "block lists", or restrict the minimum or the maximum number of titles or relative weights.

Investment rule definition and automated compliance checks by vestr
Real-time fee calculation by vestr

fee calculator

Real-time fee calculation

The platform can model various fee structures and types such as management fees, performance fees, transaction fees, setup fees, subscription fees, custody fees, and many more.

Fees can be defined for issuers, asset managers, custodians, or any other beneficiaries. Advanced features such as minimum fees per period, tiered fee structures, or fee resets are also supported.

Activity Log

Compliant audit trail of all life-cycle events

The platform keeps track of every single lifecycle event: from corporate actions to secondary market trades or FX hedges to interest accruals or payouts. Our software records a detailed audit trail for each product, allowing you to travel back in time for full transparency on the product’s evolution.

Compliant audit trail of all life-cycle events by vestr
Daily NAV calculation tool by vestr

NAV calculation

Daily NAV calculation

Issuers and administrators can calculate and manage NAVs conveniently with vestr, based on automated coherence checks.

Our platform can aggregate positions across multiple custodians, and users can define which fees, coupons, and other subaccounts should be reflected in the NAV calculation.

Vestr – case study

Combining vestr’s technological efficiency with the trading expertise of Bank Julius Bär


Bank Julius Baer and vestr worked together to explore the opportunities of adopting a cloud-based platform for AMCs. By launching a white-labeled platform named EPIC they created a solution for automated lifecycle management of AMCs and standardized audit reporting across AMCs.


Bank Julius Bär can operate more competitively and focus on its core value propositions. At the same time, the bank can complement its offering with niche products, such as small thematic investments, at realistic listing prices.


Due to their complex process, AMCs are prone to operational risks when managed manually. Bank Julius Bär was looking for a solution to meet the demand for frequent rebalancings, smaller products, and customized reporting.

Client case study Julius Bär with vestr

The flexible vestr platform empowers our clients to create and manage Actively Managed Certificates in a high-performing and intuitive way, while at the same time streamlining internal processes.

Luigi Vignola
Head Markets at Bank Julius Baer & Co. Ltd

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