Actively Managed Certificates (AMCs) webinar

SMAs, AMCs and Other Actively Managed Products US Legal Considerations

Active Managed Certificates offer solutions to various challenges associated with traditional investment funds for both investment managers and investors. These certificates benefit from the reputation and branding of on-balance sheet issuers, which lends them credibility regardless of their investment objective. The off-balance AMC wrapper further enables investment managers to offer alternative investment strategies linked to non-bankable assets, such as crypto, unsuitable for specific collective investment schemes.

In today's rapidly evolving landscape of technology and digital transformation, innovation is paramount for companies to thrive. This is particularly evident in the financial sector, where asset managers, investors, and service providers must adapt to the changing environment. The demand for specialized and tailored investment strategies is on the rise, prompting the integration of digitalization solutions to offer cost-efficient investment solutions while minimizing errors. Additionally, regulatory bodies emphasize transparency and disclosure in active portfolio management strategies, underscoring the importance of data quality.

This webinar is cohosted by Mayer Brown and vestr.

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