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May 8, 2023

Active investment management platforms need an update

While vestr presented on stage at the 2019 conference, we were a proud sponsor of this year’s event! With almost 200 participants in attendance in Lucerne, vestr was warmly mentioned by André Buck, Global Head Sales & Relationship Management at SIX Swiss Exchange and moderator of this forum’s program.

Besides impressive key notes – one being Jens Korte’s insights into the US developments under the New Presidency of Joe Biden from a Wall Street Correspondence perspective – Rico and Stefan report on various inspiring discussions. Especially discussions on the "platformication" of active investment management.

Speaking of AMC platforms, one particular conversation piece stood out: the inevitable development of an AMC platform that comprises of both accessibility and independence.

Demand for independent one-stop solutions when actively managing portfolios

In light of juggling multiple platforms for managing their portfolios, asset managers demand more simplicity. Digitalization has brought many advantages in simplifying and automating many aspects of portfolio management. However, the lack of streamlining such digitalization processes across the investment industry left many asset managers frustrated. They need to log into as many as 10 or more platforms to service one of their clients. This is a result of issuers developing their own platforms.

Who is in the best position to provide an AMC platform?

Portfolio managers and issuers alike strive for customizing their respective client offerings. Today, investment industry participants enjoy getting exactly what they want with ever evolving structured product offerings.

Looking for that alternative digital asset to complement your cash basket? Done. Excluding the Google stock from your S&P500 portfolio? Sure thing. If there is demand, there is a solution.

We expect the same development for managing said customized products and portfolios. Hence, a growing demand from asset managers for a one-stop solution for portfolio management.

At vestr, we have an idea or two about independent solutions provided by third parties.

If you missed this year’s International Structured Products Forum, we are happy to discuss with you further. Maybe our platform can solve your pressing needs: vestr provides the technology and infrastructure to manage all types of products and their various underlying assets – and yes, we are a technology player, we do not issue our own products.

Stay tuned for more updates about vestr – we have more exciting projects in store!
In the meantime, feel free to reach out for any additional information about our company and our end-to-end web-based platform. Get in touch and schedule a call here.

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