December 5, 2023

Custom Indexes: A New Frontier in Investment Innovation

In this informative interview with Daniel Knoblach, we discussed how to develop, setup and implement custom indices.

Traditional and custom indexes follow distinct methodologies for investment and rebalancing. However, the personalized nature of Custom Indexes sets them apart by tailoring methodologies to individual investor preferences. Despite this, many investments are still linked to a few dominant indices. Designing a custom index offers various benefits, such as alignment with values, financial goals, and risk tolerance.

Daniel is the founder and CEO of Super Global, an AIFM and securitization expert with offices in Germany and Luxembourg, offering tailor-made AIF and Actively Managed Certificate (AMC) across all asset classes. Previously, as a Board Member, he was responsible for setting up structure and securitization solutions for a Family Office and the Fair Alpha Group in Luxembourg, with a total issuance volume of more than EUR 3 billion. Before that, he worked for a Liechtenstein-based asset manager focused on proprietary fund solutions for institutional investors.

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