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October 8, 2019

vestr at the Swiss Fintech Roadshow in Hong Kong

Twenty percent growth year-on-year has seen Asia become the world's biggest market for Actively Managed Certificates (AMCs), with $250 billion being managed in the region. Vestr co-founder Simon Hasenfratz will roadshow in Hong Kong and Shenzen with the Swiss National Startup Team in November.

Actively Managed Certificates (AMCs) are a booming class of structured products, whose dynamism makes them difficult for banks to manage and scale. Vestr's B2B platform simplifies this for financial institutions and their customers. The Zurich-based startup, with investors including the Swiss Stock exchange, aims to have more than a billion francs in assets on the platform by end of 2019.

Venture Leaders Fintech 2019 vestr co-founder Simon Hasenfratz

How is vestr changing finance?

Setting-up an investment fund takes a lot of time and seed money. That's why we have built the first end-to-end digital platform for investment certificates. Using the vestr platform, banks and asset managers can set up and manage their own certificates online in a few clicks.

How important is it to be in Asia?

The Asian certificates market has grown by 20 percent each year to become the biggest certificates market in the world, with over a quarter of trillion dollars in assets under management.


Who will you meet during the Venture Leaders Fintech 2019 roadshow?

We'll meet with the leading banks already issuing certificates, that are looking for the tech provider to make their business scalable and bulletproof.

The Venture Leaders Fintech roadshow 2019 to Hong Kong is organized by Venturelab and swissnex China and supported by digitalswitzerland, EPF Lausanne, ETH Zurich, IMMOMIG, PostFinance, Redalpine, Walder Wyss and Canton of Zurich.


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